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Meet the man taking Armagh’s temperature

The end may be in sight for one of the world’s longest-running series of manual weather records. Shane Kelly has been checking the temperature at Armagh Observatory at 09:00 every day for 18 years. But after more than 200 years of tradition, the site is set for a move to automation. Article source:

New shrimp species named after Pink Floyd

Image copyright Arthur Anker Image caption Synalpheus pinkfloydi is a new species of pistol or snapping shrimp A new species of shrimp has been named after Pink Floyd thanks to a pact between prog rock-loving scientists. The synalpheus pinkfloydi uses its large pink claw to create a noise so loud it can kill small fish.

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Mystery of why shoelaces come undone unravelled by science

Image copyright Getty Images You put on your shoes, tie them as firmly as possible, but soon after the laces come undone. Now scientists think they know what causes one of life’s knotty problems. They found the force of a foot striking the ground stretches and then relaxes the knot, while a second force caused

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