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New fiver is not so indestructible

Image copyright Brady Haran When the Bank of England issued the new plastic fiver last year, it promised it would be “much more durable”. Immediately everyone, including the BBC, took to ripping, washing and ironing them to prove the Bank wrong. Now chemistry professor Martyn Poliakoff has shown it can be done, with the appliance

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Scientists to use ‘car wash drill’ on Khumbu glacier

Climate change scientists are to travel to the Himalayas in a bid to become the first team to successfully drill through the world’s highest glacier. The Aberystwyth University group will use a massive drill adapted from a car wash to penetrate the Khumbu glacier in the foothills of Everest. They will work at an altitudes

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Volcanic eruption captured by drones in Guatemala

Violent volcanic eruptions in Guatemala have been captured by drones for the first time. A team of scientists from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge flew the unmanned vehicles 3,700m (12139ft) over the Volcan de Fuego, which erupts every three to four weeks. The plumes of ash and gas expelled into the atmosphere threaten the

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