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Ocean tech: Robot sea snakes and shoal-swimming subs

Image copyright Eelume Image caption The self-propelling Eelume robot moves like a snake through the water In the near future, ocean search-and-repair specialists won’t need arms or legs, according to one vision. In fact, they are destined to be much more slithery. “We try to get people to move away from the word snake because

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Giant whale shark caught on camera by US divers

A giant whale shark has been spotted off the coast of West Palm Beach in Florida, USA. Diver Keith Brock and his wife captured a rare close-up video of the shark in an area known as “The Trench” on Sunday. Whale sharks are about the size of a bus – that makes them the biggest

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Green groups warn of ‘race to the bottom’

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption The letter says that more than half of UK wildlife is in decline Environmental groups have urged the prime minister to avoid watering down legislation on climate change and wildlife protection after Brexit. The letter, signed by WWF, Greenpeace and others, says action is needed to halt ongoing

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