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Delivery delay

Millions of people have been watching and waiting online for more than six weeks for a giraffe at a US zoo in New York state to give birth. Tune in to the April the Giraffe livestream and all you’ll see is a giraffe in an enclosure – yet she’s been captivating people worldwide. It is

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Ancient walker

Image caption Artwork: Tiny could be one of the earliest four-limbed land animals we know of It’s not a household name, but an ancient creature found in the Scottish borders fills a crucial period in the evolutionary record. It sheds light on how four-limbed creatures became established on land. An ancient animal found in rocks

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London’s ‘super sewer’ to help stop Thames becoming a toilet

This year alone, 1.2 million tonnes of raw sewage has been dumped into the river Thames because the Victorian sewers can’t cope. Even a few millimetres of rain is enough to overwhelm the old tunnels and anything left over goes into the river. Work has now started on a new super-sewer that’s big enough to

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