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Crime ‘threatens nearly half the world’s natural heritage sites’

Image copyright Michel Gunther / WWF Image caption An Indian rhinoceros seen in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Poaching, illegal logging and fishing are threatening endangered species in some of the world’s most iconic natural sites, according to a report. Conservation charity WWF says almost half of the world’s 200 designated natural heritage sites are “plagued”

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Mega-constellation satellites will need ‘rapid disposal’

Image copyright ESA Image caption Artwork: The aim is to avoid certain orbits from becoming unusable in the future The operators of proposed satellite mega-constellations can greatly mitigate the risk of future collisions by rapidly de-orbiting their spacecraft at the end of service. On the other hand, doing only the bare minimum required by international

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Live, long and black giant shipworm found in Philippines

Media captionLiving giant shipworm found for the first time in Philippines Scientists have found live specimens of the rare giant shipworm for the first time, in the Philippines. Details of the creature, which can reach up to 1.55m (5ft) in length and 6cm (2.3in) in diameter, were published in a US science journal. The giant

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