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Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town

Image copyright Reuters A small town in Newfoundland, Canada, has become a sudden tourist spot thanks to a new visitor – one of the first icebergs of the season. Canada’s CBC News said that over the Easter weekend, the Southern Shore highway near the town of Ferryland was blocked with traffic as photographers – professional

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Slims River: Climate change causes ‘river piracy’ in Canada’s Yukon

Image copyright Dan Shugar/University of Washington Tacoma Image caption An aerial photo shows the meltwater stream along the toe of Kaskawulsh Glacier, seen on the left, that is diverting fresh water from one river to the other A team of scientists say a melting glacier in Canada’s Yukon has caused a river to completely change

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Physicists observe ‘negative mass’

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Image caption Bose-Einstein condensates are used to explore a wide range of fundamental questions in physics (not the apparatus used in the latest research) Physicists have created a fluid with “negative mass”, which accelerates backwards when pushed. In the everyday world, when an object is pushed, it accelerates in the

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