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‘World’s oldest fungus’ raises evolution questions

Image copyright Stefan Bengtson Image caption The fossil life forms were inside a bubble of lava 0.8mm in diameter Fungus-like life forms have been found in rocks dating back 2.4 billion years. The fossils, drilled from rocks that were once beneath the seafloor, resemble living fungi. Scientists say the discovery could push back the date

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Iceberg ‘doodles’ trace climate history

Image copyright Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms Image caption Ploughmarks formed by unusually flat-bottomed icebergs in the central Barents Sea (Red is 240m water depth; purple is 248m) It is as if a child has been doodling with large coloured crayons. What you see are actually the great gouge marks left on the seafloor when

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Family tree of dogs reveals secret history of canines

Image copyright SPL Image caption Dog breeds evolved to fill certain roles The largest family tree of dogs ever assembled shows how canines evolved into more than 150 modern breeds. Dogs were first selected and bred for their ability to perform tasks such as herding goats or cattle, say scientists. Later, they were selected for

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