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Bangalore water woes: India’s Silicon Valley dries up

Bangalore is known as India’s Silicon Valley. But the metropolis, renowned for its IT parks and gleaming skyscrapers, is running out of water fast. Sanjoy Majumder reports. Produced by Kunal Sehgal, filmed and edited by Varun Nayar Article source:

Aurora Australis: Colourful show hits Australia and New Zealand

Image copyright Dave Reynolds Image caption The Aurora Australis viewed from Tasmania’s Drip Beach Stargazers have been treated to a spectacular show as the Southern Lights swept across Australia and New Zealand. Dave Reynolds photographed these images on Sunday near Cygnet, a small town south of Hobart in Tasmania. “It was such a beautiful sight

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Earth-i plans space video network

Image copyright 21AT / Earth-i Ltd Image caption The new constellation would provide sub 1m resolution from an altitude of 500km A British company has announced its intention to launch a big constellation of Earth observation satellites. A prototype spacecraft will go up later this year for testing, with the expectation that a further five

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Reproductive rebels

Image copyright Getty Images The contraceptive pill had profound social consequences. Everyone agrees with that. In fact, that was the point. Margaret Sanger, the birth control activist who urged scientists to develop it, wanted to liberate women sexually and socially, to put them on a more equal footing with men. But the pill wasn’t just

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A creepy solution

Image copyright Getty Images I was born in India and, as a young child, I developed a serious gut infection that would have killed me if it hadn’t been for antibiotics. These days a young child in India, with the same condition, would be far more vulnerable because of the huge and rapid rise in

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Harambe: A year from gorilla death which sparked numerous memes

Social media users have been targeting Cincinnati Zoo on the 12-month anniversary of Harambe’s killing by one of its workers. The incident and the resulting memes that have been created since, have gone down in web culture history. Article source:

Herd knowledge

Media captionWould you eat this reindeer? Alaskan farmers hope so. As a warming climate threatens traditional food supplies in the Arctic, one rural Alaskan village is flying in hundreds of reindeer by cargo plane. James Cook went to find out why. Only 12,000 years late, on an experimental farm outside Fairbanks in central Alaska, Greg

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The DNA detective

Image copyright MARTIN SPAVEN Image caption Julia Bell has no genetics background but has an extensive knowledge of how to analyse data A man left abandoned as a baby in a cinema toilet 61 years ago has tracked down his siblings with the help of a so-called “DNA detective”. But what do they do? “There’s

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Climate change: Trump keeps world waiting on Paris deal

Media captionAntonio Guterres: “The agreement doesn’t collapse if a country leaves the agreement” Donald Trump has said he will decide whether to pull out of a key climate change deal in the next week, having apparently shrugged off pressure from US allies in recent days. The US president tweeted he would make his “final decision”

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First high-energy proton beam machine ‘great for UK’

A key component of the UK’s first high-energy proton beam machine has been delivered to its new home in Newport. Proton Partners International (PPI) received the part that will fire the cancer-treating beam at its Rutherford Cancer Centre. PPI said the UK’s “most-advanced piece of cancer machinery” could transform treatment for 500 patients a year.

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