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Nasa runs competition to help make old Fortran code faster

Image copyright NASA Image caption Nasa develops designs on computer long before the craft take to the air Nasa is seeking help from coders to speed up the software it uses to design experimental aircraft. It is running a competition that will share $55,000 (£42,000) between the top two people who can make its FUN3D

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Jurassic animal found on Skye ‘fed milk to young’

Image copyright Elsa Panciroli Image caption An illustration of Wareolestes rex Palaeontologists believe an animal that lived in what is now Skye 165 million years ago fed milk to its young. Milk teeth have been discovered in the fossil jaw of a juvenile Wareolestes rex, a species of mammal from the Middle Jurassic. Scientists suggest

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Albatrosses counted from space

Media captionPeter Fretwell: “We’re working on algorithms that will automatically count the birds” Scientists have started counting individual birds from space. They are using the highest-resolution satellite images available to gauge the numbers of Northern Royal albatrosses. This endangered animal nests almost exclusively on some rocky sea-stacks close to New Zealand’s Chatham Islands. The audit,

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