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Rare flowers destroyed in Australia after paperwork error

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The flowers (not pictured) were on loan from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris Australian biosecurity officers have destroyed historic plant specimens on loan from France after a paperwork mix-up. A box of rare daisies from the 1850s had been sent to Brisbane from the National Museum

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Rare ammonite ‘death drag’ fossil discovered

Image copyright University of Manchester Image caption Ammonites are prehistoric cephalopods, closely related to modern-day squid, cuttlefish and octopuses The “death drag” of a prehistoric “squid” – or ammonite – made 150-million-years-ago has been preserved as an incredible fossil. The animal’s shell made the 8.5m-long mark as it drifted along the seafloor after its death.

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Climate talks cool on idea of accommodating the US

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Reports suggest that Ivanka Trump will head a review of the US role in the Paris climate agreement Participants in UN climate talks have expressed reservations about making changes to the Paris climate agreement just to keep the US in the treaty. Speculation has increased that President Trump may

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