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Biomass crop acts as refuge for brown hare

Image copyright S Petrovan Image caption The brown hare is almost a rarity in some part of the UK An exotic grass planted on farmland could have unexpected benefits for wildlife, scientists say. Elephant grass (Miscanthus) planted as a biomass crop is a valuable habitat for the brown hare, according to research. A study suggests

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Amazing haul of ancient human finds unveiled

Image caption The male H. naledi specimen named “Neo”, after being freed from the surrounding matrix A new haul of ancient human remains has been described from an important cave site in South Africa. The finds, including a well-preserved skull, bolster the idea that the Homo naledi people deliberately deposited their dead in the cave.

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Buddha’s birthplace faces serious air pollution threat

Image caption Monks put on masks to protect themselves from pollution in Lumbini The historic site of Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal faces a serious threat from air pollution, scientists and officials have warned. Recent data collected from air quality monitoring stations in five places across the country show Lumbini is highly polluted. The warnings have

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