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Identity of famous baby dinosaur fossil revealed

Image copyright Illustration by Zhao Chuang Image caption Reconstruction of the dinosaur incubating its eggs The fossil of a baby dinosaur discovered in China more than 25 years ago has formally been identified as a new species of feathered dinosaur. The hatchling, dubbed Baby Louie, was found within a nest of dinosaur eggs. Palaeontologists have

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Lions face same extinct threats as Ice Age cats

Image copyright University of Sussex Image caption The African lion formerly ranged throughout Eurasia and Africa, but today is only found in sub-Saharan Africa Two big cats – the African lion and the Sunda clouded leopard – are most at risk from extinction caused by loss of prey, according to a new analysis. Lack of

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Arctic summit: Trump to make ‘right decision for the US’ on climate

Media captionThe BBC’s James Cook explains why the Arctic Circle summit in Alaska matters The US will consider its interests first as it reviews its climate change policy, the secretary of state says. Rex Tillerson told a meeting of the eight Arctic nations in Alaska that the US would not rush to make a decision

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