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Dinosaur asteroid hit ‘worst possible place’

Image copyright BARCROFT PRODUCTIONS/BBC Image caption Artwork: The impact hit with the energy equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs Scientists who drilled into the impact crater associated with the demise of the dinosaurs summarise their findings so far in a BBC Two documentary on Monday. The researchers recovered rocks from under the Gulf of Mexico

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Inmarsat rides SpaceX Falcon into orbit

Image copyright SpaceX Image caption An evening launch for the Falcon rocket and its Inmarsat passenger Inmarsat, the UK’s biggest space company, has boosted its global broadband network with the launch of a fourth high-frequency satellite. The I-5 F4, which will service the voice, video and data needs of remote and on-the-move customers, was taken

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Rare Mexican porpoise faces ‘imminent extinction’

Image copyright Paula Olson Image caption The rarely seen vaquita porpoises are under increasing threat of extinction An immediate extension of a fishing ban is desperately needed to save the world’s most endangered marine species. Campaigners say there are only 30 vaquita porpoises left, with their population having plummeted by 90% since 2011. These dark-eyed

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