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Recycling body criticises Pringles and Lucozade packaging

Image copyright Getty Images / Ideo Pringles tubes and Lucozade Sport bottles are the “villains” of the recycling world, a trade body has said. The Recycling Association named them in a list of products that pose the biggest challenges for re-use. The greater the number of materials used in packaging, the harder it is for

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Treasure trove of new plant discoveries revealed

Image copyright Laura Jennings Image caption One of 22 new species of Eugenia and Myrcia – trees and shrubs from the coastal Atlantic Rainforest Almost 2,000 new species of plant have been discovered in the past year, according to a report by The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. Many have potential as food crops, medicines

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Paris climate deal is ‘lifeline’ for world’s poorest countries

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A drought in Guatemala that has drained this lake is being linked to climate change in the region The world’s poorest nations say the Paris climate agreement is their “lifeline” and must be strengthened. The Climate Vulnerable Forum, (CVF) representing 48 countries, said the deal was crucial to their

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