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Cities need ‘hedges as well as trees’ for environment

Hedges are often better than trees at soaking up air pollution among tall buildings, research has suggested. A paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment says tall trees are good at absorbing pollution in more open areas. But hedges can trap toxins at exhaust pipe level, so reduce people’s direct exposure to harmful pollutants. Lead author

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Nasa seeks experiment ideas for Europa lander

Image copyright NASA/JPL-Caltech/SETI Institute Image caption Europa holds a vast, salty ocean beneath its fractured ice shell Nasa is seeking the best ideas for experiments to fly on a mission that will land on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The jovian satellite has a deep subsurface ocean beneath its ice crust and is considered one of the

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Trump ‘can’t escape climate change’ impacts says Fiji PM

Image caption Fiji’s Prime Minister outlined his vision for future climate talks at this meeting in Bonn Fiji’s Prime Minister has issued a coded warning to Donald Trump about the dangers of climate change. The US leader is due to decide on future US participation in the Paris climate agreement after next week’s G7 meeting

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