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First high-energy proton beam machine ‘great for UK’

A key component of the UK’s first high-energy proton beam machine has been delivered to its new home in Newport. Proton Partners International (PPI) received the part that will fire the cancer-treating beam at its Rutherford Cancer Centre. PPI said the UK’s “most-advanced piece of cancer machinery” could transform treatment for 500 patients a year.

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Terrorists’ moral judgment probed in psychology test

Image copyright Thinkstock A project aiming to “scientifically understand the mindset of terrorists” has published insights that the scientists say could have implications for terror prevention. Researchers worked with a group of 66 incarcerated ex-combatants from a paramilitary terrorist group in Colombia, a country with one of the greatest insurgency rates in the world. This

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Britain’s great explorations now online

Media captionThe first flight over Mount Everest captured by Major Stewart Blacker in 1933 The Royal Geographical Society is releasing the films of the scientific explorations it sponsored in the early 20th Century. The priceless footage, some of which has not been seen for nearly 100 years, is being digitised and put online. The films

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