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Bangalore water woes: India’s Silicon Valley dries up

Bangalore is known as India’s Silicon Valley. But the metropolis, renowned for its IT parks and gleaming skyscrapers, is running out of water fast. Sanjoy Majumder reports. Produced by Kunal Sehgal, filmed and edited by Varun Nayar Article source:

Aurora Australis: Colourful show hits Australia and New Zealand

Image copyright Dave Reynolds Image caption The Aurora Australis viewed from Tasmania’s Drip Beach Stargazers have been treated to a spectacular show as the Southern Lights swept across Australia and New Zealand. Dave Reynolds photographed these images on Sunday near Cygnet, a small town south of Hobart in Tasmania. “It was such a beautiful sight

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Earth-i plans space video network

Image copyright 21AT / Earth-i Ltd Image caption The new constellation would provide sub 1m resolution from an altitude of 500km A British company has announced its intention to launch a big constellation of Earth observation satellites. A prototype spacecraft will go up later this year for testing, with the expectation that a further five

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