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Paris pollution victim sues France for bad air

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Parisians have faced a series of high pollution episodes in recent years A Parisian woman is taking the French state to court for failing to protect her health from the effects of air pollution. Clotilde Nonnez, a 56-year-old yoga teacher, says she has lived in the capital for 30

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Antarctic Halley base waits on ice behaviour

Media captionBBC Horizon: Halley VI is one of the most remote scientific research centres in the world Restricted operations at the British Antarctic Survey’s Halley station may have to continue for some time to come. The base, which ordinarily stays open year-round, is currently closed because of uncertainty over a developing crack in the ice

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Study casts doubt on the idea of ‘big fluffy T. rex’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption T. rex was one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of all time Despite its ancestors having feathers, Tyrannosaurus rex most likely had scaly skin, according to fossil evidence. Researchers say the huge predator had scales much like modern reptiles rather than feathers or fluff. The dinosaur may have ditched

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