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Renewables provide more than half UK electricity for first time

Image copyright Getty Images Renewable sources of energy have generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK for the first time. National Grid reported that, on Wednesday lunchtime, power from wind, solar, hydro and wood pellet burning supplied 50.7% of UK energy. Add in nuclear, and by 2pm low carbon sources were producing

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Therapy could stop superbugs on farms

Researchers at Leicester University have shown that it might be possible to develop an alternative to antibiotics for treating diseases in pigs. They have identified a range of viruses, called bacteriophages, that can be used to kill common pig infections. The aim is to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria emerging on farms that

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Dogs and wolves share sense of fair play

Image copyright Rooobert Bayer Image caption Dogs and wolves displayed a strong sense of inequity when their partners got better treats The sense of fair play is an important human trait, but new research suggests that it’s a key behaviour for dogs and wolves as well. In tests, if one animal was given a more

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