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Global hotspots for alien invasions revealed

Image copyright Tim Blackburn Image caption The grey squirrel – originally from North America – is pushing out red squirrels Great Britain is in the top 10% of areas for harbouring alien species, according to a study. Animals that have moved in from afar include the grey squirrel, rose-ringed parakeet and the noble false widow

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Bloodhound supersonic car set for October trials

Image copyright BLOODHOUND SSC Image caption The Bloodhound project was first announced in 2008 The Bloodhound supersonic car will run for the first time on 26 October. It is going to conduct a series of “slow speed” trials on the runway at Newquay airport in Cornwall. Engineers want to shake down the vehicle’s systems before

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The battle for nesting sites among the birds and the bees

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The White-tailed bumblebee emerges early in the spring Competition for nesting sites could explain why some birds and bumblebees are declining faster than others. Research suggest animals that build their nests in early spring may win the fight for available habitat at the expense of late breeders. Conservation efforts

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