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Why suitcases rock and fall over

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Speeding up, rather than slowing down, may prevent the suitcase flipping over It’s a common experience when dashing for a train or plane while lugging a two-wheeled suitcase. The bag rocks alarmingly from side-to-side and threatens to overturn. Now, scientists have investigated this conundrum of everyday physics. Speeding up

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Europe selects grand gravity mission

Image copyright Airbus DS Image caption Artwork: LISA envisages three spacecraft linked by laser arms that are 2.5 million km in length It is set to be one of the major science projects of the 2030s. The European Space Agency has just given the green light to the LISA mission to detect gravitational waves. This

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Queen’s Speech: Plan aims to secure space sector

Image copyright Orbital Access Image caption Artwork: A number of companies are looking to develop low-cost air-launch systems A government plan to secure growth in the UK’s £13.7bn space industry is laid out in the Queen’s Speech. The stated purpose of the new Bill is to make the UK the most attractive place in Europe

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