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What happens when you’re sleep deprived?

A new study has launched that hopes to discover what happens to your brain power when tired. The Canadian team hope hundreds of thousands of volunteers sign up to take the online tests, just as the BBC’s Fergus Walsh did. Article source:

Chimps’ strength secrets explained

Image copyright AFP Image caption Chimps do appear to be stronger than us, but not by as much as we often think The greater strength of chimpanzees, relative to humans, may have been explained by American scientists. A study suggests the difference is mostly due to a higher proportion in chimps of a muscle fibre

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Africa agriculture pioneer wins 2017 World Food Prize

Image copyright World Food Prize Image caption Access to seeds and fertilisers has proven problematic for millions of farmers in Africa African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina has won the prestigious World Food Prize for his work to boost yields and farm incomes. Dr Adesina said providing millions of farmers with seeds and fertilisers was

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