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UK research chief ‘will not direct science’

Image copyright BEIS Image caption Prof Sir Mark Walport (second left) is seen visiting a school in Liverpool that specialises in science and healthcare. He is now one of the most powerful men in British science Britain’s new research chief has said that he won’t centrally direct scientific research. Prof Sir Mark Walport will be

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Scientists explain ancient Rome’s long-lasting concrete

Image copyright JP OLESON Image caption Scientists examined samples from this ancient Roman pier with very high-powered X-rays Researchers have unlocked the chemistry of Roman concrete which has resisted the elements for thousands of years. Ancient sea walls built by the Romans used a concrete made from lime and volcanic ash to bind with rocks.

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Giant croc had teeth like a T. rex

Image copyright Natural History Museum in Milan Image caption The giant croc would have scavenged on sauropod carcasses Researchers have described new fossils belonging to an extinct crocodile-like creature that had a set of serrated teeth like those of a T. rex. The animal was a top predator in Madagascar 170 million years ago, around

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