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Bringing nature into your backyard

Image caption Brownfield metamorphosis: A garden about regeneration Projects such as the High Line in New York have used industrial spaces to create wildlife havens in the heart of the city. It’s a trend that’s spreading around the world. So how can you connect with nature on your own patch of turf? Take inspiration from

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Dirty laundry: Are your clothes polluting the ocean?

Image copyright Science Photo Library In an indoor “Manchester-drizzle-simulating” rain room at the University of Leeds, and in a laundry lab in Plymouth, research is revealing the unexpected environmental cost of the very clothes on our backs. “Not many people know that lots of our clothes are made of plastic,” says Imogen Napper, a PhD

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Merkel’s climate mission at the G20

Image copyright AFP Image caption How will Mrs Merkel manoeuvre around Mr Trump? German Chancellor Angela Merkel is battling to prevent US President Donald Trump undermining the world leaders’ united front on climate change. At the Paris climate deal, all world leaders spoke in favour of limiting global temperature rise to 2 degrees but that

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