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Do you live in the world’s laziest country?

Image copyright Tim Althoff US scientists have amassed “planetary-scale” data from people’s smartphones to see how active we really are. The Stanford University analysis of 68 million days’ worth of minute-by-minute data showed the average number of daily steps was 4,961. Hong Kong was top averaging 6,880 a day, while Indonesia was bottom of the

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Lark or night owl? Blame your ancestors

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption The Hadza people live near Lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania Our ancestors could be to blame for the wide variety of human sleeping habits, from larks to night owls. Staggered sleeping patterns would have been an advantage in the distant past, when we lived in groups and needed

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Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic

Image copyright NASA/SUOMI NPP/SIMON PROUD Image caption This view of the iceberg was taken by Nasa’s Suomi NPP satellite One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica. The giant block is estimated to cover an area of roughly 6,000 sq km; that’s about a quarter the size of Wales. An

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