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Behold Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Image copyright NASA/SwRI/MSSS/Jason Major Image caption Jason Major, a JunoCam citizen scientist and a graphic designer from Warwick, Rhode Island, took the raw images from the probe to create this perspective An American space agency probe has returned the most detailed pictures ever of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. The Juno spacecraft passed over the giant

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Blue whale takes centre-stage at Natural History Museum

Image copyright Trustees of the NHM, London Image caption The skeleton has been given a diving pose – as if it is feeding on a ball of krill London’s Natural History Museum (NHM) has undergone a major revamp with a blue whale skeleton now forming the main exhibit as visitors come through the front door.

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Record number of environmental activists killed around the world

Image copyright Rafael Rios Image caption Colombia was one of the most challenging countries for environmental activists in 2016 Growing competition for land and natural resources saw a record number of environmental activists killed in 2016, says Global Witness. The green group’s report details at least 200 murders across 24 countries, up significantly from 2015.

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