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Niagara Falls: Smelly black water shocks visitors

Tourists visiting Niagara Falls were shocked to see black, foul-smelling discharge spewing into the famous river on Saturday. The local water board has since apologised for “causing alarm” by releasing water containing carbon residue and other solids after “routine” maintenance work on its sewage works. It says the discharge was “within permitted limits”. Article source:

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Tornado creates amazing Dorset water spout

This amazing video shows a water spout whipped up by the wind over the Dorset coast. The swilling mass of water was created by a tornado over the sea off Weymouth. A number of people reported seeing the phenomenon on Tuesday. Article source:

Did the first flower look like this?

Image copyright, juerg.schoenenberger@univ Image caption 3D model of the ancestral flower reconstructed by the new study, showing multiple whorls of petal-like organs, in sets of threes. All living flowers ultimately derive from a single ancestor that lived about 140 million years ago, a study suggests. Scientists combined models of flower evolution with the largest

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