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Human embryos edited to stop disease

Image copyright OHSU Image caption Pictures of the genetically modified embryos Scientists have, for the first time, successfully freed embryos of a piece of faulty DNA that causes deadly heart disease to run in families. It potentially opens the door to preventing 10,000 disorders that are passed down the generations. The US and South Korean

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Pollination threatened by artificial light

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Researchers have discovered a new global threat to pollination – artificial light at night, which was found to reduce visits of nocturnal pollinators to flowers by 62%. The impact of this is a significant reduction in fruit production. Pollinator numbers are declining worldwide so this is not good news for

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Warming to boost deadly humidity levels across South Asia

Image copyright NOAH SEELAM Image caption Heat and drought have a huge impact on India’s farmers Millions of people living in South Asia face a deadly threat from heat and humidity driven by global warming according to a new study. Most of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will experience temperatures close to the limits of survivability

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