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Emojis help software spot emotion and sarcasm

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Emojis could be a good guide to a message’s hidden meaning, researchers found Emoji icons have helped scientists train computers to understand sarcasm. Researchers used 1.2 billion tweets containing at least one of the most popular 64 emojis to develop DeepMoji. The algorithm learned first to predict which emoji

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New grass snake discovered in the UK

Image copyright Wolfgang Bohme/Senckenberg Research Institute Image caption The Natrix helvetica was originally thought to be a subspecies of the grass snake A new type of snake has been discovered in the UK, bringing the total number of species to four. Scientists say the barred grass snake, Natrix helvetica, is actually a different species to

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Burning policy puts pressure on recycling targets

Image copyright SPL Image caption The UK’s improved record of recycling in recent years means there is less waste for burning A boom in incinerator-building could make it impossible for the UK to meet future targets for recycling, a report says. The consultancy Eunomia says waste companies constructing new incinerators will need waste to feed

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