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Cannibals engraved bones of the dead

Image copyright Trustees of the NHM Image caption The bones were also chewed but these are not teeth marks A series of zig-zag marks on a human bone found in a UK cave is evidence of a cannibalistic ritual that took place some 15,000 years ago. Scientists have long recognised that cannibals operated at Gough’s

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Exposure to oil sends birds off course

Image copyright MOira McKernan Even light exposure to oil from disasters like the Deep Water Horizon oil spill makes flying more difficult for birds, a study has revealed. US biologists used homing pigeons to test the potential impacts of oil spills on birds’ flight. “Lightly oiled” pigeons, they found, veered off course and took longer

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Giant dinosaur slims down… a bit

Image copyright AFP Image caption A cast went on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York So, it wasn’t quite as big as they first thought, but the dimensions of the colossal dinosaur unearthed in Argentina in 2014 still take your breath away. Its fossil bones suggested at the time the

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