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Penguin feathers record migration route

Image copyright Chinstraps How do you trace where a penguin has swum across the vastness of the Southern Ocean? The surprising answer is from the chemistry of a single tail feather. Incredibly, specific compounds in penguin feather proteins allow scientists to track the birds’ migration over many hundreds of kilometres. The plumage records a kind

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Italy official defends killing rare bear after man mauled

Image copyright Alamy Image caption Brown bears now inhabit Italy’s Adamello Brenta national park in the Alps An Italian provincial governor has defended the killing of a rare female brown bear in the Alps, saying it was a threat to humans. The 14-year-old bear, called Kj2, was shot dead by foresters on Saturday, after it

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Cassini skims Saturn’s atmosphere

Image copyright NASA/JPL-Caltech Image caption Cassini will “dip its toes” into the atmosphere during the final passes The Cassini probe has begun the final phase of its mission to Saturn. The satellite has executed the first of five ultra-close passes of the giant world, dipping down far enough to brush through the top of the

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