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When is the next solar eclipse near you?

On 21 August 2017 millions of Americans witnessed one of the biggest solar eclipses in almost 100 years. There are usually two solar eclipses on Earth per year, and they only happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon align in specific ways. Try our solar eclipse calculator and see how long you’ll have to wait

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Arctic radar to probe ‘space weather’

Image copyright NIPR Image caption Artwork of EISCAT_3D: The Northern Lights are a benign consequence of space weather The UK is to contribute to a sophisticated new radar system in the Arctic to study “space weather”. This phenomenon describes the effects on Earth’s wider environment as it is constantly bombarded by particles and magnetic energy

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‘Alarmingly high’ levels of arsenic in Pakistan’s ground water

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption This study says that arsenic in groundwater in Pakistan is far more widespread than previously thought Up to 60 million people in Pakistan are at risk from the deadly chemical arsenic, according to a new analysis of water supplies. The study looked at data from nearly 1,200 groundwater quality

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