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Majestic archipelago

The winners have been announced for a photography competition capturing wildlife and scenery from across the Galapagos Islands. Image copyright McKenna Paulley/ Galapagos Conservation Trust Image caption This image by McKenna Paulley has won the 2017 Galapagos Conservation Trust photography competition. The image, of a storm petrel apparently walking on water while looking for food,

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High view

Image copyright JAMES COOK/BBC Image caption The view from over the Pacific “It’s a complex math problem,” said the pilot over coffee and doughnuts at 5am, in what sounded a lot like an understatement. We would be travelling at 520mph, he explained, while the moon’s shadow would be moving at nearly eight times that speed.

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‘Sea dragon’ fossil is ‘largest on record’

Image copyright Joschua Knüppe Image caption Ichthyosaurus were ”sea dragons” that ruled the oceans in Jurassic times The fossil of a marine reptile ”re-discovered” in a museum is the largest of its kind on record, say scientists. The ”sea dragon” belongs to a group that swam the world’s oceans 200 million years ago, while dinosaurs

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