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Not just stars

From the northern lights to noctilucent clouds, the range of subjects in this year’s competition covers all things astronomical. Here is a selection of the shortlisted images. A battle we are losing Image copyright Haitong Yu The Milky Way rises above a small radio telescope at Miyun Station, National Astronomical Observatory of China, Beijing, in

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Poisonous progress

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Chemist Thomas Midgley insisted that tetraethyl lead was safe Leaded petrol was safe. Its inventor was sure of it. Facing sceptical reporters at a press conference in October 1924, Thomas Midgley dramatically produced a container of tetraethyl lead – the additive in question – and washed his hands

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Smelly clue to bird navigation skills

Image copyright B. G. Thomson/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY They migrate thousands of kilometres across the sea without getting lost. The Arctic tern, for instance, spends summer in the UK, then flies to the Antarctic for the winter. Yet, scientists are still unsure exactly how birds perform such extreme feats of migration, arriving in the right place

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