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Amazon study discovers 381 new species in two-year period

Image copyright EPA Image caption Zogue Zogue Rabo de Fogo monkeys were named “Fire tail” for their distinctive red tails Researchers have discovered 381 new species during a two-year study in the Amazon region. The report by the WWF conservation body and Brazil’s Mamiraua Institute for Sustainable Development said that on average a new species

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Science funding: Will ‘picking winners’ work?

Image copyright STFC Image caption In the 1980s, a Conservative government planned to make Britain’s computer industry the best in the world by subsidising its research An ambitious Conservative minister has set out a strategy to turn the UK’s scientific expertise into new products and services that will generate jobs and wealth for the economy.

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Clues to why leaves come in many sizes

Image copyright Ian Wright Image caption Rainforest canopy, Panama The huge variety of leaves in the plant kingdom has long been a source of wonder and fascination. The leaves of a banana plant, for instance, are about a million times bigger than the leaves of heather. The conventional wisdom is that leaf size is limited

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