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Does the UK need a human ‘body farm’?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Investigations of murder cases would benefit from the data gathered at a body farm You are dead. Now what? It’s the start of a fascinating and eventful – if gory and smelly – journey, at least for your body as it decomposes. Understanding decomposition can hold the key to

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‘No fire risk’ with new lithium batteries

Image copyright Jhi Scott, ARL Image caption The batteries produced sufficient energy for use in household electronics Lithium-ion batteries that are resistant to exploding or catching fire have been developed by scientists. The devices produced sufficient energy for use in household electronics, but did not ignite – even when punctured repeatedly with a nail. The

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Bats ‘tricked’ into flying into buildings

Image copyright Stefan Greif Image caption Greater mouse-eared bats (Myotis myotis) were studied in experiments Modern buildings with large expanses of glass or mirrored surfaces are “potentially dangerous” for bats, research suggests. Scientists are calling for monitoring of the risks, particularly in areas where bats congregate in large numbers. Bats have a remarkable ability to

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