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Why are there so many berries this year?

Image copyright RHS/Vicky Turner Image caption Bright blue berries on the shrub, harlequin glorybower Berries are appearing on plants and hedgerows early this year because of the unusual weather patterns. The combination of a warm, dry spring, followed by July and August rains, has led to a plethora of berries, according to horticulturalists. “Berries are

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Orchid gives up the secrets of its success

Image copyright Zhong-Jian Liu and Li-Jun Chen Image caption The orchid was found at Wutongshan Mountain in Shenzhen, China The orchid is known for its beauty and once changed hands for vast sums. Now, scientists are gaining an insight into how the plant prized for its beauty colonised almost every habitat on Earth. A team

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Cassini conducts last picture show

Media captionJim Green: The Cassini discoveries ‘blew our minds’ Engineers now have a precise expectation of when they will lose contact with the Cassini probe. The spacecraft is being ditched in the atmosphere of Saturn on Friday, bringing to an end 13 amazing years of discovery at the ringed planet. The team hopes to receive

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