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Science debate: Should we embrace an enhanced future?

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Do we already ‘enhance’ our bodies with everyday drugs like caffeine? To write this article, I drank a beverage containing an effective cognitive enhancer – something that helps me – almost daily – to focus. In my pocket, I carry an extension of my memory, on which I

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Cycling: Groups call for action on ‘car-dooring’

Media captionA driving instructor explains how the ‘Dutch reach’ works A campaign to raise awareness of “car-dooring” is needed to save lives on Britain’s roads, Cycling UK has said. The campaign group says cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians are being injured and killed by drivers and their passengers carelessly opening doors. It wants the Dutch reach

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Cassini: Probe incinerates on entry to Saturn

Media caption“Long live Cassini” – the project team says farewell The American-led Cassini space mission to Saturn has just come to a spectacular end. Controllers had commanded the probe to destroy itself by plunging into the planet’s atmosphere. It survived for just over a minute before being broken apart. Cassini had run out of fuel

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