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Neolithic Orkney rivalries detailed in new study

Image copyright Colin Richards / UHI Image caption Ring of Brodgar is a famous Orkney site Rivalries in Orkney more than 4,500 years ago led to competition between communities including over how people were buried, according to new research. Scientists were able to gather much more precise estimates of the timing and duration of events

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Owls hold secret to ageless ears

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Barn owls rely on their hearing to hunt Barn owls keep their acute sense of hearing into old age, scientists have discovered. Previously, starlings have been found to have this ability, suggesting birds are protected from age-related hearing loss. Understanding more about the “ageless ears” of barn owls could

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UK strikes research deal with US in run-up to Brexit

Image copyright Fredex8 The UK and US have reached a deal to develop a special relationship for science. An agreement between the two countries aims to make it easier for researchers to travel, collaborate and share facilities. US science bodies are said to be “eager” to take advantage of research opportunities lost because of Brexit.

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