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New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains

Image copyright SPL Scientists have engineered an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains and can prevent infection in primates. It is built to attack three critical parts of the virus – making it harder for HIV to resist its effects. The work is a collaboration between the US National Institutes of Health and the

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Birds ‘churring’ is a sign isles’ shipwreck rats dying out

Image copyright JJM/Geograph Image caption The Shiant Islands could be declared free of non-native black rats next year The calls of a small seabird have been recorded for the first time on a group of islands in The Minch. Conservationists hope the sound of storm petrels’ “churring” is an indication that an effort to eradicate

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Big Antarctic iceberg edges out to sea

Image copyright Copernicus Sentinel data (2017) Image caption Widening gap: The picture contains data gathered on 13 and 16 September The giant berg A-68 looks finally to be on the move. Recent weeks have seen it shuffle back and forth next to the Antarctic ice shelf from which it broke away. But the latest satellite

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