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Blue Planet 2 producer promises a ‘real life Pixar’ from underwater sequel

The producer of Blue Planet 2 says the stories seen in the new series of the show are so gripping, it’s like watching a “real life Pixar” movie. The series is a sequel to Blue Planet, a David Attenborough documentary which was first shown on the BBC 16 years ago. “You’re meeting little tusk fish

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Gravitational wave hunters bag fourth black-hole detection

Image copyright Virgo Collaboration Image caption The VIRGO detector in Italy has helped narrow the search on the sky Scientists have detected another burst of gravitational waves coming from the merger of two black holes. The collision occurred nearly 2 billion years ago, but it was so far away that its shockwave has only just

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Environmentalists: UK’s Antarctic islands need protection

Image copyright Jim Wilson Images Environmental groups are urging the UK to protect one of its most remote territories – the rugged, uninhabited South Sandwich Islands on the edge of the Antarctic. The bid, by a coalition called Great British Oceans, calls for the islands to be made a sanctuary – ceasing all fishing and

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