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DNA surgery on embryos removes disease

Image copyright Getty Images Precise “chemical surgery” has been performed on human embryos to remove disease in a world first, Chinese researchers have told the BBC. The team at Sun Yat-sen University used a technique called base editing to correct a single error out of the three billion “letters” of our genetic code. They altered

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Europe plans Sentinel satellite expansion

Image copyright Airbus DS/Max Alexander Image caption Sentinel-5P will launch in mid-October to monitor air quality around the globe Europe has begun the process of scoping an expansion to its Sentinel Earth observation network. Six new satellite concepts will be studied, including a constellation of spacecraft that can monitor emissions of carbon dioxide. Invitations to

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Tsunami drives species ‘army’ across Pacific to US coast

Image copyright John Chapman Image caption A species from Japan washed ashore in Oregon, six years after the tsunami Scientists have detected hundreds of Japanese marine species on US coasts, swept across the Pacific by the deadly 2011 tsunami. Mussels, starfish and dozens of other creatures great and small travelled across the waters, often on

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