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Prehistoric reptile’s last meal revealed

Image copyright Julian Kiely Image caption What the ichthyosaur might have looked like The fossil of a marine reptile that lived 199 million years ago has been identified as a newborn that ate squid as its last meal. The reptile was an ichthyosaur, which gave birth to live young. It belongs to the group Ichthyosaurus

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Food and farming policies ‘need total rethink’

Image copyright SPL Image caption The world needs to be fed but in a more sustainable way, says the CiWF Can farming and food production be made less damaging to the planet? A big meeting in London will look at how reforms could help halt species extinction, meet climate goals, limit the spread of antibiotic

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Australia’s solar challenge begins

Solar-powered cars from more than 30 countries around the world have begun a biannual 3,000km (1,865-mile) race from Darwin to Adelaide, north to south across the centre of Australia. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the competition. Article source:

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