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Can we make fashion greener?

Image copyright MIGUEL MEDINA Image caption For big labels, Milan’s Fall fashion week is a major event in the calendar We continue to buy new clothes at an incredible rate. How can manufacturers reduce fashion’s environmental footprint? According to the Valuing Our Clothes report analysing the contents of British wardrobes by the Waste Resources Action

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Why British scientists are watching Iceland’s volcanoes

British scientists have embarked on a mission to monitor Iceland’s active volcanoes from the air. A team from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science is working in a research aircraft as it flies around the country’s volcanoes. The scientists say the project will help the aviation industry plan for a future eruption. Article source:

Mass extinctions ‘offer cautionary tale’

Image copyright Victor O Leshyk Image caption Lystrosaurus, an early relative of mammals Mass extinctions have the potential to guide modern conservation efforts, say scientists. A study confirms the idea that upheavals of the geological past caused a drastic loss of biodiversity. ”Disaster faunas” dominated by a small number of widespread, newly-evolving species prevailed for

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