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Siberian blue robin excites bird watchers in Orkney

Image copyright Bryony Baker/North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory Bird watchers have been left in a bit of a flap after the rare arrival of an off-track adult Siberian blue robin in North Ronaldsay. It is believed to be the first adult male of the breed in the UK, although juveniles have been seen before. The bird

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Asteroid close approach to test warning systems

Image copyright NASA Image caption Scientists say the asteroid, shown in this illustration, will safely pass by the Earth An asteroid the size of a house is passing close to Earth. The space rock will hurtle past our planet at a distance of about 42,000km (26,000 miles), bringing it within the Moon’s orbit and just

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Satellites spy Antarctic ‘upside-down ice canyon’

Image caption Graphic: Some fast-thinning glaciers drain into the Amundsen Sea Scientists have identified a way in which the effects of Antarctic melting can be enhanced. Their new satellite observations of the Dotson Ice Shelf show its losses, far from being even, are actually focused on a long, narrow sector. In places, this has cut

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