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Ozone layer recovery could be delayed by 30 years

Image copyright SPL Image caption Researchers reported in 2015 that there was clear evidence of healing in the ozone hole Rising global emissions of some chlorine-containing chemicals could slow the progress made in healing the ozone layer. A study found the substances, widely used for paint stripping and in the manufacture of PVC, are increasing

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UK-built Sentinel satellite to track air pollution

Image copyright ESA Image caption Sentinel-5 Precursor is a major UK contribution to the EU’s Copernicus programme A UK-assembled satellite is set to go into orbit shortly to monitor air quality around the globe. Its Dutch-designed instrument will make daily maps of polluting gases and particles known to be harmful to health. Called Sentinel-5P, the

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How do you build the next-generation internet?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Scientists are now developing an ultra-fast quantum internet that will be partly based on light Imagine super-fast computers that can solve problems much quicker than machines today. These “quantum computers” are being developed in laboratories around the world. But scientists have already taken the next step, and are thinking

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