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UK-Dutch-built Sentinel launches to track air quality

Media captionThe Rockot vehicle lifted away from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome right on cue A UK-assembled satellite has launched from Russia on a mission to monitor air quality around the globe. Its Dutch-designed instrument will make 20 million observations daily, building maps of polluting gases and particles known to be harmful to health. Called Sentinel-5P, the

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DNA study provides insight into how to live longer

Image copyright Getty Images Every year spent in education adds an average of 11 months to people’s lifespan, say scientists. The researchers say a person loses two months for every kilogram overweight they are – and seven years for smoking a packet of cigarettes a day. Unusually, the Edinburgh university team found their answers by

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Nasa carbon space observatory ‘watches Earth breathe’

Media captionAn animation depicts changes in atmospheric CO2 through the year A Nasa satellite has provided remarkable new insights on how CO2 is moved through the Earth’s atmosphere. The Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) tracked the behaviour of the gas in 2015/2016 – a period when the planet experienced a major El Niño event. This climate

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