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Sputnik’s influence

Image copyright AFP/Getty Image caption Space exploration began with Sputnik’s successful launch on 4 October, 1957 The launch of Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, 60 years ago kicked off the space race between the Soviet Union and America. The satellite was a success not just in terms of scientific advancement but in terms of providing

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Kent mussels tested for plastic contamination

Scientists have found on average 60% of mussel samples collected from four Kent beaches contained plastic particles. In Ramsgate, 80% of the creatures were contaminated, while in Herne Bay it was 40%. No site was free of plastic. See more on this story on Inside Out, on BBC One South East on Monday 9 October

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Scraping out the London sewers by hand

Fatbergs consist of a build up of fat, tampons, wipes and condoms that have been flushed down a drain. Thames Water engineer Chris Casbolt shows how the masses have to be removed by hand in an east London sewer. Article source:

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