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DNA dogma

Image copyright Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Image caption Crick’s lecture was said to have altered the logic of biology Sixty years ago this week, one of the greatest British scientists, Francis Crick, gave a lecture in London in which he accurately predicted how genes work, setting the course for the genetic revolution we are now

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Blue Planet II: Why Sir David will never tire of his work

Sir David Attenborough is back on our screens this coming Sunday with a second series of Blue Planet. The great naturalist sat down with our science editor David Shukman to talk about the oceans and the threats they face. Article source:

More acidic oceans ‘will affect all sea life’

Image copyright JAGO-TEAM/GEOMAR Image caption Cold water corals should be more resilient All sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oceans more acidic, a major new report will say. The eight-year study from more than 250 scientists finds that infant sea creatures will be especially harmed. This

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