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BBC wrong to not challenge climate sceptic Lord Lawson

Image copyright Dan Kitwood Image caption Former Chancellor Lord Lawson’s claims on climate change were made on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme The BBC should have challenged the views of climate sceptic Lord Lawson in an interview in August, the complaints unit for the corporation has ruled. The ex-chancellor claimed in an interview with the

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How science transformed the world in 100 years

Image copyright Science Photo Library Image caption Discovering the structure of DNA was a “big moment” in science In an essay for the BBC, Nobel Prize-winner and Royal Society President Sir Venki Ramakrishnan contemplates the nature of scientific discovery – how it has transformed our worldview in a short space of time, and why we

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Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools

Image copyright Aberystwyth University Image caption The little holes trap the water when the sea retreats Mini rock pools are being created by scientists trying to protect sea life from the boom in manmade sea defences. Aberystwyth University researchers have drilled holes the size of a family baked bean can into a breakwater made of

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